Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Letters...

Dear Decaf Coffee Beans,
I really like you. You taste great and make me think I have the real thing. Thank you for your trickery and your yummy taste. See you tomorrow. Sincerely, Addicted

Dear Lady Driving Behind Me Last Night,
I'm not sure if you are new to this, but when your dashboard shows a little blue symbol when you turn on your headlights, that means that your brights are on. When you are on a busy road, you don't need those. The normal headlights will do. Hope that helps. Sincerely, Blinded

Dear Dave Ramsey & Team,
My husband and I have been "following" you for over 5 years now, more like watching from afar. We listened to you about some things and completely ignored you for others. Now that we have lived and learned, we are ready for change. We have been following your Baby Steps for 4 months now and are already seeing big changes in our finances and in our hearts. Thank you. Sincerely, Wishing-I-Did-This-Sooner

Dear Water Bottles,
I am so grateful for your existence. Seriously, I find you in my purse, in my car, by my bed, everywhere! Thanks, because you are there whenever I need you, but since I only drink you a little at a time, you kinda make me look trashy. So, pick yourself up, okay? That'd be great. Sincerely, Can't-Finish-Anything.

Dear Man That Left A Message On My Voicemail,
Yeah I can't call you back because I heard your name was "Bernsoseski Entonvc-son" and your number was "2#$-ERS-LU25." I can't understand who you are, or how to contact you. Maybe try calling back and stick to English this time. Sincerely, Thinking-You-Have-The-Wrong-Number.

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  1. Cosign on the Dave Ramsey thing. I'm on the cash envelope system and my bank account is looking RIGHT. I love it!