Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dating One Last Time - Part 2


This is where you begin to see what people are really made of. You learn what they laugh at, what they constantly talk about, any allergies, all their favorites, and even how they like their coffee. Friendships tend to take the pressure off of trying to perform in order to woo. This allows you to show yours and to see people’s worldview and character.

"We are all pretty fruity people."

I've always hear,

"if you squeeze an orange, you don't get lemon juice."

As a friend, you will be there to see this person go through daily life and even walk with them through some pretty hard stuff. You get the chance to see the fruit this person bares for what it really is, and skip that sugar coated topping that a sexually-driven, typical dating relationship adds to an already not so tasty fruit. Last thing you want to do is to get into covenant with someone that is NOTHING like they said they were. With a friendship, you see are able to see them more clearly as a sinner that is repentive (saved by grace) or a sinner that doesn't really care and requires you to like it or leave it, in which you should probably just stay friends with them.

This doesn't mean that you can't be their friend, you (if you are a Christian) want someone who has an understanding of grace and is progressing. You will never find a perfect man or woman to call your mate, but you are looking for someone who is striving to be quicker to repent (turn from sin) and turn towards Jesus in all things. That is worth the wait.

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