Monday, February 3, 2014

My Sunday Drive

Super Bowl Sunday 

Congratulations SEATTLE SEAHAWKS! What an extraordinary game! 

We got to meet up at our church after service and party with the whole community! We had a really good turn out and they came decked out! 

Personally, my favorite part had to be the soprano singing a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. WOO! She killed it. Well done, my friend.

My Sunday Drive starts out with actually being able to sleep in!! What?!
I woke up automatically at 7:00 am but refused to get up. Eventually, I ended up falling back asleep and slept for another 2 hours.  It was so nice and I really needed this. God certainly made the Sabbath on purpose. Our bodies need that rest and I'm grateful I got to get some today. 

When I got to church, most everyone was decked out in their Seahawks fan gear. 

It's crazy. I'm from Texas, where we bleed our college football teams, but Seattle. Seattle, you are a new breed. The fans here are fanatics. I mean, they create real earthquakes. 
Service this morning was really good. Pastor Mark was continuing the James series from Phoenix, one of our new church plants. We went through James 1:12-15, talking about temptations and about how Jesus dealt with temptations. Yes, Jesus was tempted. But he never once sinned. 

3 Truths about Temptations
Presented By Pastor Mark Driscoll
1. Life with Jesus is a war.
2. Temptation is not sin.
3. Satan will H.I.T. you (when you are Hungry, Isolated, and Tired)

Life with Jesus is not easy. It was sort of a side swipe for me, I mean, I thought I'd be perfect. No, instead it's a constant (but well worth it) battle. Sometimes the battle is harder, like when I am hungry, isolated, or tired, but other times it's just a consistent keeping my guard up. It's very easy for me to fall for things that will eventually lead me to death, whether physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. Although the temptation that creeps it's luscious head out is so desirable to the part of me that is lacking or weak, it is not a sin. It is when I take that bite. 

Now the longer I look at it, meditate on it, and allow my mind to wander into the lies, it's mirage of fulfillment, it is without a doubt eventually what I will run to and feast on. Don't be deceived. Temptations should be dealt with when stumbled upon. We are not supposed to control temptation, we are to kill it.
We stuck around and helped set up for the party. We had tons of food, and lots of people showed up.

And we got to hang out with some pretty cool kids. We really love these guys. I think they like us too!
So overall, it was a pretty good "Sunday Drive."

Information about James series, presented by Pastor Mark at Mars Hill Church and the 3 truths of temptation can be found at

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