Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Sunday Drive

 Saturday night, Derek and I got to hang out at the church and watch a movie, which I would recommend. This movie really plays out what a child goes through while processing the death of a parent. It grieved my heart to watch someone else struggle to find hope and meaning in a painful circumstance, but in the end, it had a sweet ending. So I'd say, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" is a tear-jerking, heart-gripping, good movie. You should see it. 

After wiping away our tears, we went to head home and this is what we found.

Snow! Yeah, Snow in Seattle. We had to creep home, because the Texans are not used to this white, fluffy, slick stuff!
We had a early morning today, as The West Seattle Gospel Band was leading worship at our Rainer Valley campus. This campus is in a more diverse and poor part of Seattle, but these people love Jesus. It was so sweet to be able to experience the different culture of our brothers and sisters, but experience the same Jesus. 
We came home and had a glorious nap, one of those ones where you wake up you're not sure what time it is, where you are, or how you got there. It was much needed cause we were zonked. 
We made dinner plans with the Winston's and got to eat some tasty brisket and a broccoli salad that you couldn't resist a second helping. We missed them. When we first moved to Seattle, they were the family we moved in with. They are such a welcoming and kind family that love Jesus and everyone else too! We are so thankful for them. Plus, they play a mean game of Uno!
Overall, it was a pretty good Sunday Drive.

I will have a recipe post coming soon.

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